Add a little Zest to your life!

I’ve got some pretty exciting news for you! This week I have just launched 3 new products! Woo hoo! Exciting right? 

One of my new products is a delicious Lemon and Herb Zesty seasoning that will turn into a pantry staple for all Belicious Lovers! Like all my products the Lemon and Herb Zesty seasoning has no additives – it’s just healthy natural spices and herbs! 

Expect a trip down memory lane when Sunday Roasts were enjoyed only on Sundays and your kitchen smelt like a mix between fresh herbs and zesty lemon. This is where my inspiration for my Lemon and Herb Zesty seasoning came from. This herb mix, with the ever-so-fragrant indigenous Lemon Myrtle as an infusion, will not disappoint and will add flavour to your dishes.

So start shopping around for the perfect mix of roast vegetables and a delicious juicy looking Chicken because this seasoning will take your roast to the next level! You can shop it here – don’t forget, Afterpay is available, so stock up now before they sell out!