Feed Your Soul & Connect...

with gourmet, flavourful, family meals

Bring your closest loves together with cultural bursts of organic flavour!

Masala Indian started it all. But we aren't just curries. We are fresh food packed with heart.

Eating fresh food brings people closer together. It's time to put down screens, throw away junk food vouchers and reconnect through delicious, easy made cooking.

Curry, Spice & Everything Nice is Belicious!

Masala Indian love started it all. Now we create fresh food to share with all. Belicious Foods are specially made for health conscious foodies that simply love great tastes. 

Are you passionate about the experience of sharing food? Do you crave quality, healthy food; without added preservatives, health risks and nasties? Belicious products are Vegan, MSG free, gluten-free and made by a genuine producer.

We use no:



added flavours or colours




binders or MSG

Belicious foods uses ONLY authentic, genuine flavours to create the perfect blend of natural ingredients. 

We keep prices low and quality top-tier with as many certified organic partners as possible to bring you affordable, Belicious get-togethers; packed with happiness and love. 

We hope you savour the spiritual bond our meals bring to your table, as much as we enjoy creating them in our kitchen. 

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Passionately made by

Chef Bel

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Why Belicious?

Supermarket blends are generated in bulk to achieve a BIG dollar sign.

In order to create something profitable, addictive and marketable to millions; all the love, care and health is stripped from these foods to move them faster to your table. Your family deserves more!

Belicious values...


Healthy foods

Food made with heart affects your body. Food stripped of it all does, too. Healthy food = healthy families.



Meal times are enhanced by focusing on flavour. True flavour hides when smothered in nasties.



Eating together creates a strong family bond. Every meal can be an experience, free from fast-food habits.

In order to revitalise happiness, connection and a strong sense of loving community, we must respect our meals by making naturally flavourful choices; Because our table should be filled with spirit, laughter and joy. 

Doesn’t that sound much better than dripping grease over laptops on your own?

our foods

Great tastes, international flavours

Do you want to feel like you’re in a new country, every day?

Our exquisite blends of ready made flavours can take you from Mexico, to Portugal, South Africa then India; every time you sit down to eat!

Each creation has been made, tried and tested by our own head chef, Bel; who has lived in blended love with two culturally fused families and travelled the world in search of gastronomic experiences.

Fate brought her to experience a world of passion; and passion led her to creating and sharing her masterful blends.

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What OUR community has to say:

Below are some of the Belicious experiences people have shared with us:

Amanda Dickson

The best spice blends and chilli sauces. Since moving to Melbourne, I have been unable to buy direct from market, but the online shop has all products available and my order arrived promptly and very well packed 👌

Yulda Fuine

I am addicted to Belicious Foods. The medium masala is outrageously delicious and packs plenty of heat (admittedly I doubled the amount because I had also added extra vegies!). The Jala-Piri sauce is so full of flavour, you can really taste the authentic jalapenos. I have ordered multiple times and always receive a lovely handwritten note and sample of a new product to try. Chef Bel is a sensation! Couldn't recommend her more highly.

Noel Kelly

A brilliant product. I am very much a returned customer.

Craig Barker-Ellery

I am in love with these sauces. great amount of heat and amazing flavour. highly recommend everyone gets a bottle. 💯👌

Desiree Benjamin

Love the spices, good combination, presentation and recipes. I tried all the curry powders and was impressed, I like my curry very spicy so I added chillies, the flavor was absolutely tasty and I highly recommend the products.

Ki Wolf

Belicious is my go to for sauces and spices. After trying something so naturally flavored and full of REAL ingredients, I simply cannot go back to store-bought pastes and powders. The experience of the food is just so different. LOVE this brand and will be a customer for life

Suzanne Herft

I am a caterer and I have become hooked on Belicious spices, because they are made from fresh ingredients and so flavoursome, just like the ones I make, and I love that her range covers so many cuisines, from Mexican, to Portuguese to Middle-Eastern; you are truly spoiled for choice!


Absolutely blew my taste buds away with the flavour. Belicious Mexican spice is exactly that ~ SPICE! You can taste all the ingredients and nothing artificial has been added 

Locally sourced, healthy flavours of the world.

Take a look at our product page now; and order yours before they’re sold out!

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