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I share spiritually rich spices and foods from the heart

Healthy Vegan food home cooked

My love for quality food began as a little girl

I grew up in a Portuguese village; where “organic” just meant food and self-raised livestock was the norm. When I moved from there to South Africa, I met the man of my dreams; who is from Indian descent. 

At first, blending our families was difficult; until his mother started asking ME to cook curry for the family! Our yearly Christmas became very unique. My mother would ask for bacalhau, (cod fish) while his would ask for chilli bites!

When I moved to Sydney, 9 years ago, I missed the experience of cooking for loved ones and friends. I invited some local families from my children’s school and made them crab and chicken curry.

They LOVED it!

I learnt quickly that Aussies LOVE foreign food, but often don’t know the blends that perfect them.

So I created some batches for my friends.

Creating curry dishes had become such a big part of my life since marrying a South African, Indian man.. so who knew that blending the right mixes for friends would be as difficult as marrying the man! (A story for another day...)

It started there, with hand-made glass jars of Belicious Masala Curry Spice

AND now it is a thriving business.

We have Aussie sourced, hand made, natural, love-filled spices, sauces and ready-to-cook meals in a jar for your conveniently easy foodie experience!

Each spoonful of a Belicious product will be unique. Your masala may have less aniseed but more bay leaves. Your piri piri colours may vary according to the produce. 

Do not expect consistency, for consistency belongs on a commercially produced, supermarket shelf! 

Diversity is the artistic beauty of love, life and home produced food.

My focus is to empower you to create genuine food that tastes amazing, without the need for unnecessary preservatives and additives. Enjoy cooking with Belicious and you will feel the passionate energy of my creations.

Head over to our shop and enjoy your next batch of passionately created Beliciousness!

Ask Chef Bel

Every product we create is hand made with locally sourced spices and ingredients. Batches vary in consistency as the real spice of life comes from the art of nature.


We do our very best to source as many organic ingredients as possible for our foods. We do like to balance this with cost, however, so we are not certified organic. 

We create a balance of price and quality that is absolutely second-to-none.

At Belicious Foods, we firmly encourage against FAD dieting. 

Rather than restricting your foods and making your body miserable by not eating enough, we believe everyone can enjoy food that is natural, healthy and free from artery clogging extras. 

If your food source is high quality, you will eat less of the things that cause obesity. This means eating more for a better impact on your health.

We encourage every customer to create meals they will enjoy most. What we aim to achieve is natural base foods that you can then tweak however you like! 


If you feel your food requires more salt, sugar, butter or oil, feel free to add it. Every home contains these basic additions, but not every other product gives you the chance to reduce them.

We suggest that you use 2-3 Tablespoons for a kilo of veggies / protein for genuine, authentic flavour. Please refer to the actual product / your flavour of choice for more info.


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