Belicious Lemon and Herb Zesty Seasoning 60g

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Healthy and no additives, all-natural herbs and spices only. No MSG or flavour enhancers.

Gluten free


No added salt

No added sugar

No preservatives

Inspired by the “meat and 3 veg” tradition, the staple Sunday roast of many Australians growing up, this mild but fragrant Seasoning is sure to send you back in time …

In true Belicious fashion, a “few more” herbs were added to the original recipe of a little Rosemary and not much more!

We aim to keep your taste buds singing at all times!

This herb mix, with the ever-so-fragrant indigenous Lemon Myrtle as an infusion, will not disappoint and will add flavour to your dishes.

Uses / cooking tips:

** Use for rubs on oven roasts or when slow/pressure cooking

** Season potatoes or veggies for oven baking

** Add to fish with a squeeze of lemon, then pan fry

** Add to Schnitzel batters

** add to flour when making fish batter


Rosemary, Dill Seeds, Thyme, Basil, Parsley, Mustard Seed, White and Red Pepper, Oregano, Lemon Powder, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Verbena, Celery Seeds, Citric Acid

Chef Bel grew up in the North of Portugal, moved to South Africa as a teenager, then later on it was on to Australia … she is a cook-from-scratch advocate, and believes that good food takes only pure spices and herbs, and it should not be complicated.

Her spices are created using only the best and finest ingredients, and mostly organic spices are used when possible. They are meant to add flavour to your food, so that you can cook easily and healthy with a clear conscious that you are not feeding your body unnatural substances.

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